creative production

project management

writing & editing

Any outreach experience should be engaging, interactive and if possible hands-on. With this in mind, I design 


  • curriculum-aligned science activities and  workshops for K - Y12 students

  • education events and special programs

  • creative outdoor and environmental education

  • temporary and permanent displays and exhibition content

You would like to realise an outreach project and are looking for someone who manages the project from inception to completion?


I delight in dynamic, project-based work with distinct outcomes and deadlines and am experienced in coordinating multi-staged projects with intensive stakeholder involvement and diverse project teams. Together with a team of creatives we deliver a product that is rich in design and if appropriate incorporates interactive digital experiences. 

Conveying complex scientific concepts and research findings clearly and effectively has been the focus of my career. I have experience writing


  • science communication and education resources e.g. fact sheets, booklets, posters

  • regular news items e.g. newsletters, blog posts

  • website and other digital content

In addition, I can assist in the preparation of manuscripts for publication, theses and other scientific documents.