Selected Projects

Underwater Sydney

Together with underwater photographer and marine scientist John Turnbull I co-authored a beautiful natural history book on the underwater world of Sydney Harbour and the surrounding coast. The book is jam-packed with fascinating stories and stunning underwater photography of the local marine wildlife and takes readers on an underwater journey through a range of ecosystems such as intertidal rocky reefs, seagrass meadows, kelp forests and sponge gardens.

Underwater Sydney is available from CSIRO Publishing.

Habitat Corridors | Science + Art + Environment

This project was conceived and coordinated by Southern Tablelands Arts in collaboration with the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment and textile artist Julie Ryder. The event consisted of two workshops, where participants learned about different habitat corridor types and their benefits to native wildlife and then created communal artworks using naturally dyed paper, and a public forum, where the artworks were exhibited. I assisted Julie and the participants with the creative component, wrote an article for Inspiring Australia, and produced a short video about the event.  

The project  was financially supported by an Inspiring Australia National Science Week grant.

Marine Discovery Centre

The aim of this project was the production of an engaging and interactive discovery centre featuring Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) research. I managed the development of this public education space from inception to completion. A substantial budget was allocated to complete the project and I worked closely with the architect, graphic and digital designers and model makers to produce visually striking as well as stimulating displays. As creative producer I developed the science concepts for the displays, developed the storylines in collaboration with SIMS affiliated scientists and wrote the final text for the theme panels. I further sourced all graphics and workshopped ideas for interactive and novel displays including the production of a virtual dive through a kelp forest using virtual reality headsets (Oculus Rift).

Primary and High School
Science Workshops

Together with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science outreach team I developed a range of hands-on science workshops for primary and high schools, that introduce students to key scientific principles, applied research as well as problem solving skills using both field and laboratory-based activities. All workshops are aligned with the curriculum and we received feedback from teachers stating how useful and important expert involvement in their teaching is. Our most popular program “Living a Life Less Plastic”, for example, is a four week sustainability unit that explores the persistence of plastic in our environment. The program features an arts component and a scientific experiment on microplastics. Up to 150 school students visited us at a time to conduct this workshop.

Sydney Harbour Cruise & Foreshore Walk

Where better than in nature is there to learn about the natural world? In partnership with the Sydney Heritage Fleet I developed the program for an educational yet entertaining Sydney harbour cruise. On board the historic steam vessel Lady Hopetoun passengers and I embarked on a journey to discover how an extraordinary geological history led to the evolution of the beautiful shorelines so iconic to Sydney. For larger university student groups I developed a harbour foreshore walk leading through parts of the beautiful Sydney Harbour National park. By visiting several ecologically significant sites participants gained a glimpse of the vast array of creatures that call Sydney harbour their home, their important role in maintaining the health and functioning of the harbour, and into the work of marine scientists who study the effects of urbanisation on the harbour.

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